Jan 12

5 Tips To Get You Started

Though copywriting is a comprehensive subject, here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Don’t kid yourself. If you can’t write well, get someone who can. October Grey Media is an example of how you can solve this problem as it offers the services of more than 20 professional writers/editors who specialise in writing about a variety of industries and interests, whether it be fashion, retail, travel, sport, education, business and entertainment to name a few, and also provide optimised (SEO) website copy to enhance search engine rankings.
  2. If you are doing it yourself, or have someone with a natural flair for the craft of writing, make sure you write a captivating headline to draw the reader in. If they don’t like it, chances are they won’t read on. If they do, you’re halfway home to achieving your goal.
  3. Possibly the most important step in the writing process is that the first sentence demands the reader’s attention – it’s a make or break stage of the process, so it must be the most appealing sentence you write.
  4. The KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Clear and concise writing is essential and make sure you triple check what you have written and eliminate unnecessary words, correct grammar and ensure it flows smoothly.
  5. Read it out aloud as if you are talking to someone in person. If it jars, go back and change it. This is a simple yet effective indicator of whether your words are working. And don’t be afraid to get feedback from others.
  6. The value of effective, quality SEO friendly copywriting for your website, blog, e-newsletter or e-flyers cannot be underestimated. Done properly, it can be the most essential ingredient in getting your message across, and most importantly, setting your business apart from the rest.

Good luck with those words!

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5 Tips To Get You Started
Though copywriting is a comprehensive subject, here are five tips to get you started......

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