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The process is really simple from our end. Simply shoot us an email or a call and we can discuss the next step. We will sit down and talk about exactly the type of work you would like done, consider all the options at hand and then implement a suitable plan of attack.


OCTOBER Grey Media has been contracted to draw upon its extensive experience in the newspaper, magazine, print and online media industries to provide expert guidance and advice in areas of editorial, marketing and promotions, branding, publicity, project planning, syndication, website construction, blogging/social media strategy and media training.

We’re happy to reveal some secrets of the trade with October Grey Media's customised cheat sheets for quality copywriting, plan and implement a pitch to media outlets, generate publicity, blogging ideas and generally set you apart from the rest. Quite simply, let's discuss what you want to achieve, lock in a time frame and we’ll work to your budget.


HAVE you written something and want a professional opinion and guidance? Send it in and we’ll assess it quickly and provide some constructive criticism and positive recommendations - perfect for case studies, reports, website pages, newsletters, books or articles. This is a brand new service we offer and the floodgates have opened! Individuals and businesses love it!

Whether you’re a business wanting a second opinion about a press release, a budding writer wanting to sharpen your skills, or an everyday person wanting to simply send off a polished, professional letter to someone important or get some feedback for words you’ve written for a web page, we can help.

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